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Tools You Need for Self Defense

It can be very worrying to know that, everywhere in the world, there is a crime happening, and it can take place anytime at the most unexpected moments. It’s because of this that people continue to live in fear and distress, hoping that they won’t have to encounter any situations that could lead to crimes being committed upon them. In a lot of countries, crime rate is on an inconsistent ride of rising and falling, and this statistic can be very disturbing, because it means that we can never be at ease, since crime can happen any moment.

Even those who think they are pretty safe within the four walls of their homes might experience crimes such as home invasion, theft and other more heinous acts, thus proving that crime can indeed happen anywhere, anytime. Knowing measures of self-defense tools have a huge importance in saving your life and the lives of those around you, in moment urgency. Below are some tools which can be used in moment of unexpected danger.

Number 1. Everyday Items – in reality there are a lot of things we can find lying around the house that can be used to disable attacker whenever the situation is suitable. Even something so simple such as keys found in someone’s pocket can be sufficient on stopping a criminal on their track. What you need to do is place the them in on your palms, closing your hand into a fist, letting the keys to slip out the gaps of your fingers. This can really be very painful if used as makeshift knuckles, and for sure, criminals will be bleeding everywhere. A pen, like a key, plain it may look, but can be used as a stabbing device that can cause pain. Even a cell phone, that you never thought of, can be used in extreme danger.

Number 2. Stun Gun – a device that is safe for use. This will not be enough to harm an opponent to the point of death, since it only uses approximately 0.0003 amps. Any higher than that, and there’s a risk that someone might get killed, since it can cause cessations in breathing, and would most likely induce problems with heart beats. If ever you killed him, this will not be charged against you as murder, but it is an act of self-defense.

Number 3. Pepper spray – with one canister you can daze quite a few criminals that has harmful intentions. You can make an attacker defenseless, since this can cause short-term blindness and irritation to the eyes, when sprayed. These are just as popular as stun guns and are also non-lethal. For ordinary citizens, these are effective and helpful tools that can be used in self- defense. We all want to believe that no harm will ever come to our families, but the reality of today’s society is there are individuals, who make it their mission in life to prey on others. Being alert in any situation, whether in daylight or not, will save you a lot of pain. Walking to your car on an empty ally, you should always look around for anything suspicious. If anyone is stalking you, the aforementioned action, will let them know that you will not be an easy target! If this is the case, they will more than likely move on, due to the fact that the element of surprise is no longer available to them.

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